Founded in 1933, Lichtenberg is a manufacturing company of curtains and drapes. Headquartered in New York City, it operates a multi-channel distribution center in Georgia, offices in Shanghai, and a reputable factory network around the globe. 

Business & Digital Growth

Back in 2010, Lichtenberg was looking to modernize their servers and data backups for the main office in New York City. They partnered with Amoeba Networks to support this project and the success of that implementation led to the expansion of IT support for their Georgia warehouse. 

In the past four years, Lichtenberg has gone through full network reconfigurations at their Georgia office to handle the increased volume of employees and also the expansion in the warehouse facility and operations itself.

We’ve deployed a network infrastructure using MikroTik switches and routers. It’s a cost-effective solution that, although harder to configure for an inexperienced IT person, truly provides better price to performance ratio for complex networks. Typical high-end network equipment doesn’t scale well from a cost perspective. When you’re talking about the difference between ten and a hundred thousand dollars, it makes a difference.

- David Simthson, CEO Amoeba Networks.

Amoeba’s focus on successfully deploying a highly efficient albeit cost-sensitive infrastructure has been an important cornerstone of the long business partnership between the companies.

More Eyes on Security

The partnership has grown during the last decade and has proven to be paramount in the ability of Lichtenberg to operate securely.

A few years ago, when Lichtenberg fell victim to a ransomware attack, in a matter of minutes Amoeba was able to identify the source of the breach and to shut it down. And since Amoeba had advised running data backups, no information was compromised. All files were restored in their original unencrypted form. Lichtenberg was back in operations with minimal financial impact.


Cybersecurity is one of the areas of technical expertise in which we rely on Amoeba's advice and guidance. After the incident, and as a result of what we learned, Amoeba is continuously monitoring our cybersecurity, running assessments to identify vulnerabilities and supporting our IT team in that area.

- Scott Lichtenberg CEO, Lichtenberg.

Co-Managed IT Improves Focus  

Lichtenberg leans on Amoeba’s Co-Managed IT services to expand on the knowledge and capabilities of their internal team.  The internal IT is mainly focused on business process technology, but they are not necessarily cybersecurity or networking experts, and so having Amoeba to add to their capabilities is extremely beneficial.


Our Co-Managed IT Services are designed to be fully transparent, and so with Lichtenberg’s team, we have a monthly planning meeting with their internal IT team to advise them or bring areas of technology investments to their attention and also provide performance monitoring reports. This keeps us operating as an extension of their team adding value to their business.

- David Simthson, CEO Amoeba Networks.


According to Scott, Amoeba’s team has proven that they are knowledgeable, competent, responsible, and really on top of their game. He said


From top to bottom, they are a great team to work with.

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