David Smithson - CEO

Amoeba’s CEO, David Smithson, started his career in IT in the entertainment industry. After years of independent learning and job experience, he joined a prominent IT services company in San Francisco. Life brought David to New York where he started Amoeba Networks, which now has more than 15 years serving business all across NYC and Seattle. David’s now loving life, being a dad, a husband, and running a very successful company.


Mike Volfman - Technical Services Manager, NYC

Mike Volfman, our Ukrainian colleague, emigrated to New York City with his family in 1991. He graduated from the Baruch College School of Public Affairs in 2008. He is a key team player in Amoeba who enjoys solving complicated problems. He’s always seeking to find the right tech solution for Amoeba’s customers. Apart from technology, he likes to learn other fields like architecture, history and real estate.


George Malý, Senior Project Manager

George Malý was born and raised in the Czech Republic. He came to NYC to study finance and after 8 years on Wall Street, he made a career change and got into IT. He has a strong work ethic and greatly enjoys keeping Amoeba’s customers happy. He’s married, likes to travel around the world, and loves to listen to his favorite music band, Pink Floyd!


Michael Cattano, Senior Systems Engineer

And now we have a native New Yorker, our friend and colleague Michael Cattano. He has been in the IT industry for over 20 years, starting as a NetWare admin. He has taken on a number of challenging internal projects for Amoeba and he is definitely the go-to guy for RMM deployments. He enjoys traveling around with his wife and spending time playing with his twins (boy & girl). He loves photography and good food –such as New York’s bagels or a pizza in Tuscany.


Hunter Moffitt, Systems Engineer

Hunter Moffitt is our hero engineer in Seattle. He provides support to end users in the form of training, troubleshooting, and systems management. He also sets up new systems to ensure customers’ continued success. He enjoys video games, cooking and playing with his son.


Colin Cravenho, Project Engineer

Amoeba’s Project Engineer, Colin Cravenho, recently joined the team to assist on installs and help out with all the technical aspects required to complete IT projects for our customers. As a kid he wanted to be a videogame designer and he is already looking forward to his next dream adventure: a cross country motorcycle ride!