What started as a small family-owned online Amish furniture store, has now grown to be a $5 million dollar business with offices in New York and overseas. As any starting business, the main focus was growing sales and operations, there was little time and in-house expertise around a critical aspect of an e-commerce business: technology.

A Partnership Built on Trust and Expertise

In 2010 Cabinfield started looking for an IT partner to offset some of its most critical technology areas, from website maintenance, to servers configuration, systems, cybersecurity and compliance. They found in Amoeba Networks a technology partner able to align with their growing needs.

Over the years , Amoeba Networks has taken the responsibility of migrating Cabinfield’s on-site servers to the cloud, helping with the installation and updates of its ticketing software and ensuring the business stays PCI compliant. All of these areas are essential not only for a seamless customer experience when purchasing online, but also for their ecommerce business model. 

If David Smithson asks me to spend money on a technology I know I need it because they don’t suggest things for no reason. I trust their expertise and judgment in advising the best technologies my business needs.

- David,

Amoeba’s Cloud Advice Aligned to Business Goals

Amoeba Networks is committed to delivering tailored technology solutions aligned with business goals.  As an experienced cloud consultant, the advice to migrate Cabinfield to a cloud-based service was the result of not only a cost analysis but an overall business goal planning. Focus on performance and business goals at the forefront of decision making builds trust over time, creating a long-lasting relationship. 

Why did we suggest that Cabinfield move to AWS? The answer is that at some point we realized that we were limited in what we could accomplish on a single host sitting in a rack and we convinced David that we could get so much more at a comparable operational expense by moving to AWS.

-David Smithson, CEO of Amoeba Networks

Given the nature of Cabinfield’s business, a solid web presence is of great importance.  One of the advantages they’ve gained by migrating to AWS is that now sits on a very stable low latency network. Another example advantage is that the e-commerce site now has a WAF (Web Application Firewall) sitting in front of it, performing global traffic management, limiting which countries are allowed to view the site, helping to keep the bad guys out. 

Cybersecurity and Compliance for an e-commerce business

Enhancing website traffic to is one thing, securing the ecommerce platform is another. As credit card information and other financial data is being collected, Cabinfield is subject to PCI compliance and regulations, which entails much more than adding a web application firewall.

Amoeba is in the perfect position to respond to PCI compliance regulatory entities. Because we holistically manage Cabinfield’s systems we are able to address vulnerabilities directly and respond  to third party PCI compliance entities. We are in the position to discern false positives from real vulnerabilities -- and at the same time in the position to mitigate swiftly and efficiently.

-David Smithson

Cabinfield and Amoeba Networks have built a relationship based in trust. Achieving strategic business goals and guaranteeing an experienced level of IT support 24/7/365. That’s how Cabinfield can focus on growing their business while Amoeba has their back. 

The key to achieving this success is having a team that understands your growth plans. Wouldn’t  you want Amoeba on your team as well?

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