AdLarge Media

AdLarge Media is a fast-growing independent audio advertising sales company in the U.S, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit. Content and technology partnerships are core to their business as it allows them to connect advertisers with consumers on audio, digital, and mobile platforms.
AdLarge Media

Growing business, growing IT demands

Like any growing organization, AdLarge’s technology demands started to increase in a few short years without having an experienced hand to support this growth. Critical areas of the business such as server configuration/management, network security were falling under the umbrella of responsibility for Ilwira Marcizek, VP of Digital Sales and Partnerships.

We didn’t have an IT staff in house and as we grew, so did our need for additional technology: security, backup, VPN, redundancy, and more.

- Ilwira Marcizek, VP of digital sales and media Adlarge Media

With changing times and technology, business continuity needed to be improved. Additionally, as employees wanted to have more flexibility to work from home, AdLarge was looking for systems to support remote workers. There was much room for improvement to create better efficiency, security, and system stability. They needed a proper IT team.

Leaving IT Worries to Amoeba Networks


The Amoeba and AdLarge partnership started in January 2018.  By then a full assessment of their current IT environment and how it aligns with their business objectives was needed. Amoeba Networks ran a full technology assessment, working as a technology advisor for the company, showing them best practices and developing a plan to help prioritize changes.

AdLarge started working with us when they were ready to move up from just one part-time consultant managing their entire IT. We have more experience, technology, and quality control processes that offered them a higher quality of technology services supporting their company growth.

- Mike Volfman, Technical Services Manager NYC Amoeba Networks

Amoeba’s expertise in technology consulting goes beyond the “now”. By understanding AdLarge’s business goals, they can align those to specific technology areas that are going to prove essential for the organization in the long run.

Amoeba is always advising us on technology needs that may not be top of mind to us. In January 2020 they completed our VPN system, enabling all of our employees to work from home (or anywhere else) seamlessly and efficiently. At the time, this was a ‘nice to have’ but not essential.  When COVID-19 happened we were able to send everyone to work from home overnight with no issues. We haven't been in our NYC office since March 2020, and we have had no loss to our productivity.

-Ilwira Marcizek

Building Trust

Trust is said to be something easily lost, but hard to obtain. This is especially true within vendor and partner relationships. Imagine not being able to trust the people responsible for handling the security and stability of your technology? Thankfully this was not the case for AdLarge Media with Amoeba Networks.

They looked at our system, then gave us some initial recommendations on how we could improve. Thus far, they have helped us keep our servers up to date, set up backups on the servers, add a SonicWall Firewall, configure VPNs, support end users with helpdesk, and even renegotiate our ISP contract -- saving us money. We are currently going through a server migration process analyzing options like AWS or co-location. I know I can count on Mike and the team to guide us in the best technology investments for our needs.

-Ilwira Maciszek

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AdLarge Media