Heller Fundraising Group

Located in Manhattan and founded in 2004, The Heller Fundraising Group consults with nonprofits to empower them to lead successful capital campaigns, major gift programs, and feasibility studies.
Heller Fundraising Group

 With five employees and not too complex technology needs, The Heller Fundraising Group was still struggling to keep a cohesive and updated technology environment. In January 2020, The Heller Fundraising Group began a search for an IT provider that could adjust to their specific business needs.


“As the founder of the company I have to deal with a lot of responsibilities, and for a while, IT was one of those. The lack of expertise and the complexity of our systems made this a very challenging task, so finding an experienced IT provider we could trust was of great importance” - Peter Heller, Founder of The Heller Fundraising Group 

With a growing list of IT needs that included email hosting and desktop support, the Heller Fundraising Group started to evaluate multiple IT Managed Service Providers in New York, finally deciding to partner with Amoeba. 

“Amoeba Networks was probably the most responsive vendor, Mike took the time to come to our office and explained in detail and simple terms, everything that was needed from a technology point of view to support our processes and daily work. They were confident, and that was something that gave us peace of mind” - Peter Heller, Founder of The Heller Fundraising Group 

Since then, Amoeba Networks has helped them complete an email migration from Godaddy hosting to Gmail Suite, migrating data and creating backups, as well as CRM configuration and cybersecurity layers for remote employees. 

“I don't want to have to think about whether the email is working or whether we're getting backups. So, the fact we can get this working properly really allows us to keep our daily work and focus on what matters most for our business” - Peter Heller, Founder of The Heller Fundraising Group 

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Heller Fundraising Group