Whether it’s a large-scale on-premise to cloud migration, a hybrid cloud deployment, or a specific cloud project that could use some outside know-how, Amoeba’s cloud consulting services are tailored for your needs. 

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We are currently going through a server migration process analyzing options like AWS or co-location. I know I can count on Mike and the team to guide us in the best technology investments for our needs.
- Ilwira Marcizek, VP of digital sales and media Adlarge Media
Why did we suggest that Cabinfield move to AWS? The answer is that at some point we realized that we were limited in what we could accomplish on a single host sitting in a rack and we convinced David that we could get so much more at a comparable operational expense by moving to AWS.
- David Smithson, CEO of Amoeba Networks
If David Smithson asks me to spend money on technology I know I need it because they don’t suggest things for no reason. I trust their expertise and judgment in advising the best technologies my business needs.
- David Gelb, President at cabinfield.com
Our purpose is to help our customers achieve their goals, whether the solutions  are cloud-based, on-premise, or some hybrid combination, our commitment is to find the right-sized  and right-shaped solutions for our customers.
- David Smithson CEO Amoeba Networks

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