Why Google Cloud Platform?

Google cloud platform integrates many cloud-based features that help you develop, test and deploy apps, simply and rapidly.

Built on a scalable, flexible and highly reliable infrastructure, Google cloud platform provides the perfect distributed computing environment to build all types of apps (web-based, mobile, ecommerce, big data, gaming...) for Android, iOS, web and mobile devices.


Google cloud platform features

The same infrastructure that lets Google process billions of search queries results in fractions of seconds, deliver over 6 billion hours of video each month on Youtube and satisfy over 400 million of mail users every day, can fatihfully serve your business as well.

We could give you a hundred reasons to trust Google Cloud Platform for your business, but here is four big ones to give you a headstart:

Run on Google's unmatched infrastructure

Scale to millions of users (and back)

Mix and match services at will

Out-perform your competition

Why Amoeba Networks?

Amoeba Networks is a Google Apps Authorized Partner because we believe in their products and Google believes in our ability to implement them for your greater benefits.


google cloud platform_amoeba networksCloud infrastructure experience you can count on

24/7 Expert support for mission-critical application

Deep infrastructure know-how

Application development expertise

3 NOCs ; Europe, India, and U.S


Our advice: if you're going to make the transition to Google, go all the way. No matter what you decide, educate your users beforehand. Raise the topic at your next all-hands meeting if possible. 

And remember: we don't "sell" the cloud. Let's talk!


Ready to switch to Google Cloud Platform?