Be amazing, choose Amazon

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud platform featuring a complete set of low-cost, remote computing services (aka web services).

By providing a worldwide cloud network of web servers along with cost-effective automatic services (auto-scaling, elastic load balancing, usage-based fees...), Amazon Web Services lets your business take advantage of the same infrastructure that has successfully powered the world's #1 online store for years.

 Amazon Web Services

Simply put, Amazon Web Services does everything your good old web hosting provider did, only much better and much cheaper, whether you are looking to:

Store public or private data

Host a dynamic website, or web app

Analyze your data


If you're thinking: "fine, but how is that helping my business?", let us outline just a few of the very down to earth reasons of giving Amazon Web Services a try in layman terms (these are immediate benefits, not buzzwords):

Cost effective: you pay only for what you use (storage, bandwidth, resources...)

Highly scalable: enabling more resources takes minutes and a few clicks

Super flexible: it supports just about every environment you ever heard of

Ultra secure: it complies to the highest standards, with 24/7 physical security

Really close to market: Amazon serves 190+ countries on location

Very easy to use: in any event, they have tons of learning materials for you


Ready to switch to Amazon Web Services?


Why Amoeba Networks?

Amazon Web ServicesWe at Amoeba Networks are not so keen on overselling things.

But when we think a product or service is awesome like Amazon Web Services is, we do not keep it to ourselves.

If you need a reliable IT solutions provider in the NYC area, we encourage you to give us a call so we can have a chat about what we can do to help your business conquer more market space and highly improve both internal operations and customer service.

If you'd like to enjoy the very same reliable network backbone and high-end computing infrastructure that has made Amazon the multi-billion dollar business that it is, we're here to help you make sense of "cloud fluff" and use it to grow your business.

Trust us as we trust them: we use Amazon Web Services every single day not just for our clients, but also for our own business.


Ready to switch to Amazon Web Services?