• Are Mac Devices Free of Cyber Risks?

    Jun 02, 2022

    Macs don’t get viruses. Right? If you think you're safe from viruses just because you have a Mac, you’re dead wrong. No device is 100% protected anymore right out of the box–not even a Mac.

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  • Logging Aggregation Examples for Cyber Security

    Aug 26, 2022

    During a cyber attack, data is crucial. The various elements of your IT infrastructure produce the data you need to stop the attack, but without logging aggregation, the data will be unusable.

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  • 14 Ways to Improve Endpoint Security

    May 19, 2021

    How secure can endpoints get? The answer is, extremely secure. In many cases, workstations are only protected by a Windows login password and antivirus and mobile devices are not protected at all. These two sole protections are very common in home and business, but they’re simply not enough with today’s dynamic threats. Here are a dozen ways to protect endpoints, the data on them, and the users behind them.

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  • Virtual CIO Services Explained

    May 11, 2021

    There is “IT support” and then there is “Virtual CIO services.” Unfortunately, if you do not have an IT background, these two services may appear as equals. In this blog, you’ll learn what a CIO does and how this service benefits small businesses. Of course, all fast and knowledgeable IT support services are great unto themselves. But, to make real gains in technology maturity, you need strategic experts who understand the technology leaps necessary and how to make it happen. If your small business is in New York, please listen up! We are in the city and can help make this “virtual” aspect in-person for you.

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  • How Startups Benefit from Outsourcing IT in New York City

    Apr 30, 2021

    Starting a new business can be a daunting task, whether you’re a sole-proprietor or a VC-backed startup. If a new business owner asked me for my very best piece of advice it would be: Don’t try to do everything yourself. Unfortunately, younger me would not have heeded my advice. I suspect most business owners and operators come to this conclusion eventually, whether they are sole entrepreneurs or venture capital budgeteers. It’s important to let the experts shine.

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  • Switching IT Providers in New York

    Apr 16, 2021

    Switching IT providers is a decision that you may have delayed for a long time. The complexity around the IT infrastructure must have made you believe the task is daunting and can adversely disrupt the workflow of your business. But if your current IT provider is not meeting your requirements or is giving you headaches instead of alleviating them, sooner or later you should switch!

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