People often ask me: what sort of services does your company provide? I'm often stumped by the question, because when I think about it, we do so much.  We are a full spectrum information technology service provider. Here are some of the major questions a customer might ask.


  • Who can provide us with a road-map for our information technology through the years and ensure we're headed in the right direction?
  • Who can give us technology advice when we are facing new challenges in our company?
  • Who can manage all of our computers and mobile devices, ensuring they are kept up to date and free of malicious software?
  • Who can manage on-boarding and off-boarding of staff from the information technology perspective: deploy computer profiles, configure accounts, and facilitate access.
  • Who can troubleshoot problems with our servers and cloud services and provide help-desk to our users?
  • Who can ensure we have everything backed up and protected?
  • Who can build us a customized application designed specifically to suite our workflow?
  • Who can design and deploy a network topology for our multi-site company?
  • Who can procure all of the hardware and software we'll need to run our company?
  • Who can install and manage our phone system?
  • Who can wire up our new office?
  • Who can migrate us to cloud services?
  • Who can monitor our systems 24/7/365?


Amoeba Networks can.


  • Is there anything Amoeba Networks doesn't do for IT in small to medium sized businesses in the New York Metro and Puget Sound areas?




  • I'm an [executive| director| manager] in my company. I think you've got all the bases covered, but how do I know you're going to do things right?


Everyone at Amoeba Networks has at least five years exprience. Most have over ten years. We maintain a security mindset at all times. Every change at every level passes through an approval at a higher level. We promote transparent communication and good documentation. When there's a problem, we take ownership, we make it our responsibility.  Integrity is a highly valued characteristic in our group.




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