For businesses in the greater New York City Area, implementing O365 to modernize productivity tools is an investment, and as such, it is critical to define what successful implementation should look like. When deploying Microsoft Teams and training employees, SMB’s should have specific use-cases in mind and features to use for certain scenarios, and now is the time to measure that usage.


In this infographic, you’ll find the signs that indicate whether or not your team is embracing Microsoft Teams to its full potential, as well as a list of outcomes to expect if adoption is high. Hopefully, as you start monitoring these metrics, you’ll realize your business is on a great path.


Pro tip: Whatever method you choose for end-user adoption, make sure that your business outcomes are supported by the technical implementation of your services and overall objectives of your organization.


If your organization is struggling to achieve these results, you can always refer to a Microsoft Consultant in New York City like Amoeba Networks to help you develop an adoption program that makes the most out of your technology investments.


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