We all know that the last 2 years have been difficult for all businesses, but the true strength of a company is seen in its ability to keep operating even in the most challenging times.


At Amoeba Networks we want to express our immense pride and excitement for these achievements during the past year:


  • We grew our staff! We welcomed 3 new outstanding colleagues: Hunter Moffitt, Seattle Engineer; Sarah Blackwell, Office Manager; and Colin Cravenho, Project Engineer. 


  • We want to give a special shoutout to our senior team members George, Michael Cattano and Mike Volfman.


  • George tackled all of those impossible customer projects with great success.


  • Michael Cattano took on a number of challenging internal projects and he is definitely the go-to guy for RMM deployments.


  • Mike Volfman was able to deal with impossible amounts of work, a relentless tsunami of tickets, and ALSO became the face of our sales team. Aside from all of the internal tasks and projects he has taken on, Mike was instrumental in bringing in great new customers.


  • We are happy to say we brought new customers like Merida Capital, Aanika Biosciences, Andy Blank, Contabo,  Bainbridge Community Foundation, Cresilon, KIV Consultants, NY Geomatics, Ramdeen Electric, among others –these include our first SEC-compliant fully managed customer and our first-ever publicly traded client company.


  • We’re also feeling grateful for our friends down in Kolkata, Amoeba NOC. They have made major improvements in their ticket management and are endlessly available to help with hard-to-do tasks and keep a watchful eye on our customer systems.


  • We’re proud to have significantly improved our request management processes, time entry and timesheet management.


  • We consolidated our service offering into a subscription-based flat-fee service market: Amoeba Unlimited, Amoeba Core, and Amoeba Overview. There’s still much to improve on and this will be an ongoing effort.


  • We also added more services to our stack like Lifecycle Insights, Liongard, Perch, SentinelOne, Auvik, Exclaimer, Afi, Sonicwall NSM, Vulscan, and Foxpass.


  • We invested in Stormwind for training and certification.


  • Our marketing team at Simple Selling really matured and delivered both quality prospects and great content. Shoutouts to Chester and Natalia.


And to finish this yearly recap, we want to highlight our goals for 2022:

  1. Roll out a vulnerability management platform for our diverse customers. This will include both internal and external vulnerability scanning and management.
  2. Bolster our Linux remote monitoring and management offering to include endpoint security and centralized log aggregation.
  3. Convert more customers to the subscription model – moving away from hourly billing.
  4. Deploy our new Network RMM platform to all customers. We’ve partnered with Auvik to bring automatic network mapping, device configuration backups, performance monitoring, log aggregation, traffic analysis, and more.
  5. Improve our billing processes and payment options.


We’re excited for this new year ahead and once more, thank you very much to all our team members, clients, and vendors for making these achievements possible.

"Thank you for reading!"