IT is everywhere… it’s all around us.


Even now, in this very room. Matrix reference aside, the modern world runs on advanced technology.


And for the wheels to spin properly — IT needs to work. Your startup is also equally dependent on functioning IT. And it won’t run itself.


Fixing network issues, monitoring security risks, and even updating critical software is a full-time job—an important one at that. But hiring a team of internal IT experts is expensive for a startup. A better option is outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider. You already know that.


To help you find the best service provider in New York, this article offers a checklist on what you need to find in your IT partner — one that will help you boost your productivity, streamline operations, save money and grow faster.


Three tips before finding your new IT solutions provider


The Pareto principle states that 20% of the work can stand for 80% of the results.


It’s especially true for startups. Put in the work to build a solid IT foundation while the company is small and operations become more effective and easier to scale.


The rule is also true when finding and choosing the best IT solutions provider. Plan for where you want to go, and you’ll have an easier time finding an IT partner that can help you get there.

Where do you see your business in five years?


Technology can play a major role in accelerating growth.


But in the sea of solutions and ways of doing things, you need a savvy partner that can help you make better IT decisions that support your business strategy. Map out a five-year plan and what you need to get there.


These needs will give you an idea of what to look for in an IT partner.


Choose the right people to manage your provider


Great IT is critical to productivity and business success.


Therefore, you need to put the right people in charge of managing your IT provider. Preferably people with an overview and strategic responsibility for proper business alignment.

Don’t wait too long


As said before; there’s no better time to build an excellent IT foundation than when a company is in the startup phase.


IT is challenging and gets more complex as you scale. An ineffective foundation can give rise to a multitude of problems with an exponential cost to go with it.


Start sooner rather than later and leverage the expertise of an IT services provider to help you succeed.

Checklist to choose the best IT service provider

Choosing an IT service provider will help you achieve new heights by sticking with you through thick and thin.


But how can you be sure you’ve made the right choice? Use the checklist below as a guide.

1. Professionalism


Consider the provider’s history, customers helped, and their level of service.


Preferably, you want a provider with a solid track record and broad business experience. Talk with your provider face-to-face and, if you can, visit their office for a tour.


Your new provider should be available, friendly, professional, and not afraid of answering any questions you may have.

2. The right talent


Another vital aspect of an IT service provider is their access to the right talent and skills.


It’s essential that your new support team has what it takes in all IT areas. You want to see certifications that prove their expertise, especially in relevant areas for your business needs.


For example, a Microsoft certification is key if your business relies on Microsoft’s products.

3. Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


You want to know what you can expect.


Therefore, the solution partner’s SLAs must be better than your expectations. Get detailed information on response time for common and uncommon IT errors.


And understand what guarantees they offer for holding their agreements.  

4. High service availability


Frequent outages are a big no-no and can hurt your productivity.


Your new provider should be completely transparent about their service availability. You want their services to function well and be up and running often.


When a service is down, you want to be sure they act quickly to get it working again.

5. Satisfied customers


Working with a partner with vast experience helping businesses like yours is always your best bet.


Check if your provider helps companies in your industry or your type and ask to see their customer stories. Contact these customers and ask for their honest experience as well.


If they’re happy with a provider, they will gladly share their recommendation with you.

6. Options for shared services


See if your provider has the ability to share services.


Most notably, sharing services can be incredibly cost-beneficial for startups and smaller companies. You get the services like an offsite data center but split the operating costs with other tenants.


That’s an excellent way to gain access to the things like disaster recovery without paying for everything yourself.

7. Budget


Create a proper IT budget.


Don’t be afraid to invest. With the right provider, your returns can be massive.


Not only thanks to the boost in productivity and growth but also because they work proactively to make sure things don’t break in the long run. Make a budget and stick to it.

Take on the world with the right partner

A solid IT provider partnership helps your startup capitalize on the best in technology, allowing you to future-proof your business, grow faster and run your business smoothly.


With the checklist in this article, you now understand what questions to ask to find your new provider. When you find your equal — you’ll be glad you did.


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