Ladies and Gentlemen, everybody and their cousin does web sites. We do that too, but more importantly we do web apps programming, re-programming, configuration, monitoring, and proactive management.


Do you have an old MS Access, Fox Pro, or FileMaker app? Perhaps it's time to retire that old technology. Amoeba Networks will convert your app into a modern web app.


Maybe you have an idea for an app or you need something built to perfectly suite your workflow.


We design and configure the back end. Web apps don't run themselves. They need optimized servers, load balancers, web application firewalls. Amoeba will build your web server environment in AWS, GCP, or on your local hardware or virtual machine host.


We generally use Apache or Nginx, php-fpm, memcached, mysql or percona. But we can plug into anything. Again I'll stress: we provide solutions.


When we're done building it, we'll monitor and maintain it using our Nagios based platform and Loggly for aggregated log file monitoring. Both come with email alerts and portal access. We'll keep the bad guys out. We'll back it up. Our 24/7 NOC will be watching and ready to go to work.


Amoeba will translate your business needs into technological success. We do flat fee milestone based projects for succinct scopes of work or time based billing for more flexible engagements.


Email your questions to We are standing by.


"Thank you for reading!"