Even though remote work is here to stay, physical offices remain an integral part of most businesses. Especially as the pandemic is ending globally and more countries are loosening their restrictions. 


If you’re considering an office move, there are many things to think about. As you know, it’s not simply a matter of shutting the lights and waltzing into your new location. Your entire IT infrastructure needs to follow, including network configurations, cabling, telecommunications systems, and hardware.


But there are ways to simplify your move. Making an inventory of equipment to get off and move lighter is one thing. Checking for good Wi-Fi is another. This article will show you six key aspects of an office move you should consider.

1. Ensure the physical location has the proper conditions to run a healthy IT infrastructure

Not all office spaces are alike for IT. When moving, you need to account for the physical location to suit your network equipment and server needs. What kind of environment are you moving into? Is there proper ventilation and adequate power with a dedicated circuit? Ensure the location has everything you need for a healthy space IT infrastructure.

2. Check if the internal network wiring is adequate

Is the internal network wiring enough for your needs? You don’t want to be moving offices only to realize there is loads of work to be done on internal wiring. Schedule a site visit to your new office location with IT to review the current state of network cabling and how they fit your needs.

3. Make sure there are existing internet service providers (ISPs) within the building

What’s more annoying than slow internet? Probably having your whole office run on less-than-satisfactory bandwidth. Always check the availability of internet service providers in your new building. Make sure you can get adequate bandwidth to support current and future needs — and if you have a choice, choose an office with a wide selection of internet service providers.

4. Consider needs for Wi-Fi coverage

Great Wi-Fi is key for office flexibility and productivity. Before moving offices, make sure that Wi-Fi works fine in every corner of your new space. Sometimes, you may need Wi-Fi repeaters to reach areas further away from your main Wi-Fi device. Other times, it works fine without. But make sure to investigate that before signing your contract. 

Another key consideration related to Wi-Fi is your cybersecurity. Learn about eight things you can do in 2022 to improve cybersecurity at your new location.

5. Evaluate your current equipment and determine if it’s time to upgrade

There’s no need to bring trucks of things you never use, like when you move houses. Moving locations is a great time to get rid of old equipment and improve your infrastructure. But first, you need to assess what you have.


To begin, make a complete inventory of your hardware and peripherals. Next, see what equipment needs upgrades and replacements. Order new hardware where needed and properly dispose of or return old or broken equipment.  

6. Address your telecommunications system

When moving offices, consider what to do with your current telecommunications system. Is your technology old and outdated, or should you bring it? Do you want to invest in new voice technology or move into the cloud? If your new office has better bandwidth, you might get new options for voice communication.


Regardless, assess your current telecommunications system and if a number change is required. And remember to make backups of desired voice and communications data. 

No more moving headaches

The key to a successful office move is great planning and working smarter rather than harder. Assess your current and future needs and priorities. Include them in your list and make sure all your new offices meet your needs.


Do you feel like it’s too much to handle? Don’t worry. Amoeba Networks can help you assess your current IT infrastructure needs at your new location and help you start fresh with new technology to stay ahead long into the future.


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