June 11, 2021


Amoeba Networks welcomes Cogent Communications!


Years ago when Amoeba started working in New York, we connected (in more ways than one) with Cogent Communications. Cogent always provided reliable internet connectivity at a reasonable price, and we developed a great relationship with our Cogent sales rep. We have been so happy with Cogent that over the years, we’ve recommended them often to our customers who were in need of bandwidth. Recently we also moved our data center into Cogent’s New York facility at 25 Broadway.


Given our tight relationship, when our Cogent rep finds opportunities where we can provide assistance to his other customers, he brings them to our attention. For example, he was working on a potential contract with a large server hosting company and needed to add "Remote Hands" to the contract. He thought Amoeba Networks would be the best partner for this, so he looped us in. We made an offer and a couple of months later, the end customer signed with Amoeba to provide remote hands to help manage their future Seattle and New York hosting locations.


We’ve enjoyed working closely with Cogent over the years and plan to continue to do so for years to come.


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