July 19th, 2021


Amoeba Networks welcomes RenBio!


Amoeba is thrilled to welcome our new partner, @RenBio, a privately-held, preclinical biotechnology company developing novel, best-in-class antiviral antibody therapeutics and a next-generation antibody delivery platform founded on the principle that the remarkable medical benefits of antibody therapeutics should be available to everyone


Founded by Drs. David Ho and Yaoxing Huang, visionary scientists affiliated with the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York City, RenBio opened doors back in 2016 and they have rapidly grown into a diverse, multidisciplinary team, with expertise spanning a range of biological and engineering fields.


It means a world to us to partner with a company that’s using advanced technology to modernize and transform the antibody and therapeutic protein fields to significantly reduce the impact of diseases worldwide. It connects with our main goal of using technology for superior human purposes and to impact the world in ways that a few years ago were not even conceived. 


Recently RenBio completed a $24M Series A financing that will allow it to advance its lead clinical candidate, RB-100, into clinical testing for the treatment of COVID-19. Proceeds from the financing round will also support the continued development of its proprietary, DNA-based MYO (Make Your Own) TechnologyTM antibody delivery platform, with the goal of advancing a second candidate into the clinic within two years. 


Through this strategic alliance, Amoeba Networks will be providing RenBio with comprehensive IT services under our all-in seat pricing model. This includes managed services, help desk, and virtual CIO services. 


Learn more about how RenBio is revolutionizing the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry on their website:



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