Complex web applications infrastructure

Architecture design


Dreaming of scalable database driven uber-complex web server platform?

  • Scalable database driven architectures; SQL,Oracle, Tivoli
  • Resources planning & billing optimization: Rackspace, Amazon, Dell, IBM
  • Procedures documentation & management

Designing and implementing purpose-built infrastructure is our wheelhouse

Audit & analysis


We’ll help you find the bottlenecks wherever they're hiding

  • Application & code optimization. Load times? Perhaps you can store those sessions in memcache?
  • Network & Architecture optimization. Maybe those tables don’t need to be replicated in your cluster?
  • Database, disaster recovery. database query response time? Do you really need synchronous DR replication?

Don't worry, we know what to look for, let us bring clarity and shed some light on what these priorities ought to be.

Failover failure!


We know how all of the parts and pieces work.  We’ve been working with the ol’ internet for a loooong time.

  • Geo-distant & resilient architecture design

After all only your business survival might be at stake. If you don’t have the time to deal with this stuff, consider giving us a call.