Proactive Remote Management in Seattle

Always On


Proactive management is not a buzz phrase. It’s a methodology that stems from our philosophy.

  • We install the instrumentation required to proactively monitor your network
  • 24/7 monitoring, always watching and ready to respond
  • We cover server resources, network availability, hardware health, network security and more

It’s about being aware of problems and responding accordingly, before those problems become bigger problems.


Always Up


Because there’s so much more to it than waiting for notifications and responding to them.

  • Patch management, automated scheduled installations and response to exceptions
  • We are on top of those outliers falling out of compliance
  • We schedule maintenance for systems that cannot be updated through automated patch deployment

We call it servers & apps caffeine. Served freshed daily by our master IT barristas.

Always in the know


We correlate, isolate, and bring answers to your dashboard

  • Are our computers patched and secure against this new threat?
  • How can we prove to our ISP that something is wrong?
  • Why is our internet degrading at certain times of the day?

Visualize peace of mind. Take a deep breath.

Amoeba at your side, the answers are now at your fingertips.