Backup Services

Backup and disaster recovery solutions

You know that backing up is only half the story

  • Windows image, MSSQL backup, file and folder backups, granular exchange server backups, Hypervisor guest backups
  • Linux: *sql database and file level backup solutions
  • Bare metal recovery, virtualization for disaster recovery, cloud storage

Trust the specialists to make sure you don't miss the recovery part.

Managed on premise backup and disaster recovery solutions

Keep your site to site replication in-house.

  • No capital expense required with our built-in lease
  • Fully managed by our staff while your data is kept private

Whether you have 1 or multiple sites, you can keep that sensitive data fully private

Custom backup and disaster recovery solutions

We build custom backup and disaster recovery solutions for your platform

  • Tied to our monitoring and notification systems for perfect integration
  • Custom shell scripts leveraging existing open source technology
  • Procedures, alerts, and reporting included
  • Scheduled restore and DR testing routines
Keep all these 0 and 1's in check. No setup resits to our cross-platform team of backup scripts wizards.